Comfort Zone or Growth Zone, by Will Saunders

“Walk by faith, not by sight”

One of the greatest challenges to my comfort zone is attending a social event when I only know the person who invited me. If you ever invite me somewhere and that is the case, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll probably not go. I realize the host can’t spend all their time babysitting me when there is a room full of other guests. My level of anxiety skyrockets in those circumstances. I’ve been categorizing them as either comfort zones, where you have a mundane simple life – or growth zones, where you live the fabulous life you were meant to live. After all, nothing horrible has ever happened to me by stepping out of my comfort zone. But that hasn’t stopped me from hiding in the darkness.

A small handful of people are aware of this about me. I suppose I could always take a date. But, finding someone suitable is a challenge. I wish I were like Blanche Devereaux, with a little black book full of steady potential names I could call. But there can only be one Blanche. Occasionally, someone who knows this about me will reach out to me after the initial invite and encourage me to go if my presence at the event is especially important to them. Funny thing is though, once in a while, I’ll go somewhere and see a familiar face that I hadn’t expected to see there. I’ve also have made a new friend. But those two things don’t happen very often.

In June, I’ll be pushing myself. I was invited to an event, and I don’t expect to know anybody else there besides the person who invited me. I’m going. I didn’t RSVP right away. I took time to think on it and sleep on it. I’m glad the invite came early. The advance notice gives me plenty of time to prepare myself to go. Often I have missed out on what I know to be some really good times by avoiding things just because I won’t know anybody there. One of the many of life’s purposes is to grow, right? It reminds me of that line from that old Sheila E. song, The Glamorous Life, “She’s got big thoughts, big dreams.” Can’t do much with big thoughts and dreams in a comfort zone. Although I still have room for much improvement in this area, I’m getting much better at going places by myself. I’ll keep pushing myself. To paraphrase with a little embellishment an old Wintley Phipps quote, it is in the midst of our private sufferings and tense moments that we face our most enduring progress.

Since I mentioned it, lets play The Glamorous Life.

About Will S.

A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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