Side Hustle: Hyre Car

There’s a market for everything. You ever heard of Hyrecar? I just learned of it today. It’s a relatively new service that allows you to rent out your car to car-less people. You make money for loaning your car to someone, and they get to use a car without the cost and commitment of managing ownership of a vehicle. The service is specifically targeting those who want to drive for Uber or Lyft but who do not have a car of their own (or they have an ineligible car), but I suppose anybody could use this service who needs a car for  any purpose.

Well, this is not something I would do, even if I’m being paid for the use of my car. Frankly, I am not letting people that I know use my car (so don’t ask me). So, I sure as hell won’t let a stranger use my car. I was paranoid when I recently dropped my car off for service. When I saw the mechanic drive it to the back of the building, I was praying he’d drive my car gingerly. I would rather find other ways to make money. The entrepreneur in me, though, is thinking outside the box right now – I could buy a spare car just for the purpose of listing on this site for a nice side income. It might be very profitable.

Depending on the type of vehicle, people earn between $25 and $40 per day on average. Those are just recommended amounts. It functions like your listings on eBay or Craig’s List. The person listing the vehicle sets the amount. You’d earn more for your SUV than you would for a four door sedan; you’d also earn more for a Mercedes than you would for your Hyundai. You’d also earn more for a 2019 vehicle than an older model.

Would you do it? Check out their website, Hyrecar and How It Works, with details on the service. Even vetted drivers could potentially be problematic, such as them using your car to commit crimes, or people who rack up traffic camera tickets. Trying to clear that up won’t be a simple process.

If I need a side hustle, I would rather go to the Goodwill, snag some thrown away items, touch them up, and then re-sell them for top dollar. This is a thing, and has a name: Thrift Store Flipping. Did you know a lot of people throw away some really nice stuff? I have often found discarded (really they’re donated more so than discarded) items sometimes still with the original tag and looking brand new. I once found a nice blazer that was brand new. My mom once found a nice hot plate. I’d rather thrift store flip as my side hustle than let someone use my car.

If you’re into investing, maybe consider buying some stock in the Hyrecar company. It looks promising; shares are currently about $2.80 per share. That’s an option – anything but letting someone use my car. Did I tell you not to ask to use my car? Oh, okay. Just checking.

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