The Woman King: My Review

The Woman King

(c) Sony Pictures Entertainment 2022

I went to see The Woman King this past Saturday. It was the first time I had gone to the theater in a long time. I’m glad that I went. Here are my two cents about the film. There are a couple of spoilers in this write-up, so stop reading here if you don’t want to read them.

Nanisca, the name of the woman king’s character in the movie, was the leader of the Agojie warriors. The movie was superbly done. The filmmakers did a nice job intermingling historical facts with creativity and poetic license, resulting in a fabulous work of art. The costumes, the acting, and the interaction among the characters added great value to the film. One thing that always helps draw me into a movie is the music, and this one didn’t disappoint. I went home Saturday evening and downloaded it via Apple Music. The soundtrack, produced by the talented Terrence Blanchard, is 1 hour and 23 minutes of great sounds. The music was the perfect accompaniment to the movie. The writers also did a nice job of including touches of humor throughout this dramatic film. Very well done.

I was sorry to see the character Igozie killed during a battle near the end. She was a huge staple in the plot and an important member of Nanisca’s tribe. It was a surprise to learn that one of the warriors, Nawi, was the woman king’s daughter that she had given given up many years earlier. That was a moving reunion and was shocking to Nanisca, to Nawi, and to viewers as well.

Additionally, the movie provided an element of education for me too. While I was somewhat familiar with the story of the women warriors, I never realized their connection to the slave trade. After seeing that addressed in the movie, it inspired me to do further research on this topic. Hooray for Hollywood for being more than just entertainment. Hollywood can teach too.

At the end, the audience gave a round of applause. I always found that odd, for applause is meant to show the performers how much you appreciate them. But with a movie, they aren’t there to see or hear it. But, whatever. It was a wonderful film. I recommend it fully and wholly. Go see it.



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