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Slideshow Rant

I seldom pick up a newspaper. In fact, it’s been years since I touched one. I prefer getting my news digitally. Online articles and journals are better for me, as I can read them more quickly, especially when I am … Continue reading

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Shooting to Kill?

I don’t want to lump all of these incidents together, for in spite of their similarities, they all are different. I’m addressing the media reports of all the police involved shootings, many of which involve unarmed suspects. The most recent … Continue reading

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Rewind

So, I wrote the other day (well it was yesterday) about this missing Malaysia Airline, flight #370.  I’m still baffled how a huge plane, a Boeing 777, could vanish into thin air with no trace of it. With the radars and … Continue reading

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The Imposter

  Be sure to catch The Imposter, if you like exciting, thrilling, mysteries. The Imposter  is a highly-regarded, British-American co-produced, film about a young Texas boy who disappeared in 1994, and the person who resurfaced years later pretending to be the … Continue reading

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Wretched American News Media

  I am often reminded of the reasons why I dislike news media outlets. A current event provides me the perfect example. Two and a half months ago, when the government was looming, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding … Continue reading

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