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Media Fast, AGAIN!

Today is the continuation of my social media fast that I started a day and a half ago. Well actually, it’s a fast from all media and not just social media. I tend to do this periodically during the year … Continue reading

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I have been seeing a lot of posts and articles making suggestions on improving one’s self-discipline lately. Each of them focuses on the diet as the greatest catalyst for making the start. The idea is, if you can be consistent … Continue reading

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What do you really want?

What do you want?, by Will Saunders Lately, a colleague has been stopping past my desk early in the morning just to offer her morning greetings. That’s new behavior for her. I have worked here since 2006 and only in … Continue reading

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“It’s Not About The Nail”

  You ever been in this situation. You have a problem and as you’re explaining it, the other person is constantly trying to advise you on how to make it better?  Or if you’re the person trying to help someone … Continue reading

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Snakes, Snakes, and More Snakes!

Have you ever heard of ophidiophobia – also called ophiophobia? It’s a fear of snakes.  I have one of those.  A phobia is an intense, irrational fear of something. Well, I raise my hand because I would characterize my fear of snakes … Continue reading

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Going To Work When You’re Sick

I’m sitting on the train Friday morning and these two senior women are chatting.  One of them is talking about the young people in her office and the apparent lack of a work ethic.  This woman goes on to say … Continue reading

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Love Them from a Distance

“When people show you who they are, believe them.”  That quote has been floating around for a while – and paraphrased a little – and several people have been said to be its originator, but the one person most often … Continue reading

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Longevity Pill

From time to time, I hear different stories about a longevity pill, a fountain of youth in a capsule.  A youth pill?  Really?  I swear, people love looking for a shortcut for everything, even the road to good health. The … Continue reading

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Detox Your Mind

    Detox Your Mind A few years ago, I recall Oprah going on a 21-day detox diet. Many people do this from time to time to rid the body of harmful toxins. The number of days can vary. But … Continue reading

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Who’s In Your Circle?

Do you ever seem like you just can’t accomplish things?  You ever have trouble reaching your goals? Whether it’s career goals, fitness and nutrition goals, some other set of goals, sometimes our progress can be slow coming or completely stalled. … Continue reading

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