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All Victims Are Not Treated Equally, by Will Saunders

  There sure have been a lot of people coming forth about harassment incidents and acts of sexual misconduct; some of them took place over several decades. The unsettling thing is, many outsiders  have judged the validity of the incidents … Continue reading

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Alcohol and Your Diet: All You Party People!

  Alcohol can have devastating effects on your diet. The reasons are probably obvious to everyone. For me, my weight loss progress soared when I kicked the habit. That’s for two reasons: (1) first, the alcohol alone can add lots … Continue reading

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Child Abuse

It’s no wonder that some children grow up troubled, given the way some parents treat them. Even those with the best support and most engaged relationships with their parents can have trouble. But when parents say or do demeaning things … Continue reading

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Nip It In The Bud

Please watch the short clip up there.  It illustrates precisely what this post is all about.  Nip it in the bud. It really IS okay to put people out of your life and never deal with them if they erode … Continue reading

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: I just don’t get it.

There are lots of things I will never understand.  One of them is why people choose to stay with a spouse/mate that physically abuses and psychologically berates them.  It’s obviously a problem that is not new; it’s been going on … Continue reading

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EPA Executive Claims to be Undercover CIA Agent

Defrauding the government is one crime that doesn’t sit well with me. But when the person doing the defrauding is in the government, that compounds the treachery.  If you hadn’t heard this story, a senior executive at the Environmental Protection … Continue reading

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