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They Can Be A Lot Of Trouble

They Can Be A Lot Of Trouble, By Will Saunders A few days ago, I was driving along and saw this deer with ginormous antlers dart across the road. Well, it wasn’t exactly this particular deer in the picture, but … Continue reading

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21st Century World’s View

These times in which we live sure have changed.  There was an explosion in a Harlem neighborhood in mid March. Some of the nearby residents immediately thought that it might be some sort of terrorist attack?  Really?  Even before any … Continue reading

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Evil Twin Threat Alert: Surfers Beware

If you’re not familiar with the tech term, ‘evil twin’ then you had better pay attention…and just in case you’re wondering, I’m not talking about a no-good sibling.  By evil twin, I’m talking about an authentic-looking but actually fake hotspot … Continue reading

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When Animals Attack

  I have seen several news reports of animal attacks on humans lately. That sort of thing scares the living daylights out of me just thinking about it.  Can you imagine what people must go through when they see the … Continue reading

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