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Judgment and Bias

  I have come to realize that I have some biases about certain things and people. I suppose we all have biases. Frankly, if anybody ever tells you they never judge anybody, they are lying through their teeth. Its human … Continue reading

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Margaret Junior: A Lesson in Nontraditional Labels

A day or two ago, I ran into someone named Margaret Elizabeth Franklin, Jr. Well, I didn’t exactly run into her. I was being nosy like always, and I felt compelled to insert myself into her conversation. It was so … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Jeremy Meeks

The Curious Case of Jeremy Meeks This is a story that has baffled me. I mean really, really baffled me.  I wasn’t going to devote any time to this here among the pages of my blog. But with the ridiculousness of … Continue reading

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Who’s Business Is It Anyway?

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like having to answer to people for the choices I make, especially those choices that have no bearing on anybody else. I’m referring to the controversy surrounding Tamera Mowery-Housley and her marriage. She … Continue reading

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