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Gun Violence in America

  There are many examples of gun violence. It can include random street violence, violence associated with gangs, or armed robberies. A common type of violence we also see are mass shootings, many of which result in the deaths of … Continue reading

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Bad News for Education

I checked my email last night and found a message from a group list I am on from the National Education Association regarding the massive budget cuts to education spending Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have proposed for 2021. The … Continue reading

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They Don’t Want Gun Control

 There is often lots of attention given to this topic, especially immediately following a huge incident of gun violence. After each one, people scream about gun laws being too lenient – they scream for about 30 seconds – until the … Continue reading

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No Minimum Wage Increase!!!

Well, at least not yet. If you didn’t hear, the minimum wage bill died today. This is the kind of news that typically gets buried in the middle of other glaring news reports, like the Beyonce concert and that news … Continue reading

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Wretched American News Media

  I am often reminded of the reasons why I dislike news media outlets. A current event provides me the perfect example. Two and a half months ago, when the government was looming, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding … Continue reading

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