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Let’s Do It Again, Michael

  I was supposed to go see the Michael Jackson show on Broadway in October. I love going to New York, and any day I can go explore the city and the culture is a great day. Due to COVID-19, … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Work 100 Percent?

I have been going into the office only part of the time ever since mid-March. Though I’ve been doing a little bit of work at home — a very little bit of work — mostly I’ve been eating and sleeping … Continue reading

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Montreal Online

I had to cancel my vacation to Montreal scheduled to begin July 16th. It’s one of several trips I have had to cancel since April due to COVID-19. Even though some travel has resumed worldwide, there are still some limitations. … Continue reading

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    Sometimes, when things get postponed, there’s always a gut feeling that it’s not going to happen at all. That’s how I feel about the Tony Bennett concert I’ve been planning to attend at the Strathmore Music Center in … Continue reading

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The Big Day Approaches

I have a birthday coming up in about 3 ½ weeks (April 24th). I’ll have a private, solo house party with my favorite foods and beverages and some dope music via Spotify and Apple Music. I had plans of spending … Continue reading

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Made A Grocery Store Run Today

I went to get some food early this morning. Though I prefer to get groceries delivered, there are some things I prefer buying myself. I figured I’d go to Sam’s Club. Didn’t think it would be too many people out. … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Me

    I’m not typically a “Me, Me, Me” type of person. But sometimes I get caught up in my own world and feel a little selfish. It is always good when I can realize that and let go of … Continue reading

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Funny Travel Woes

Some things are kind of funny – funny strange and not funny haha. With the state of the country right now, plane fares and hotel rates are crazy sweet. I did a few random searches, and prices look so good … Continue reading

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The Surgeon General of the United States

Antonia Novella, C. Everette Coop, and Joycelyn Elders wore the hat of  US Surgeon General when I was young. These individuals made a name for themselves, and I recall them vividly. They’re the only ones I recall clearly, though. Since … Continue reading

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What, Me Worry?

Alfred E. Neuman was the face of a favorite of mine, Mad Magazine, when I was a kid. I even had a subscription for a long time. It’s still around in some form today, but it isn’t the same. Neuman … Continue reading

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