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Mixed Emotions: Statute of Limitations

An associate of mine was the victim of a crime. This associate expressed what the trauma of that event did to derail the level of emotional wellness. I can relate, as I was a victim of a similar crime many … Continue reading

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Trouble At 1025 F. Street, Northwest

I work in proximity of the H&M in Washington, DC on F. Street, Northwest. Several times a week, I observe a young person being carted off from the store by the police for shoplifting. I saw it again yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

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Attempted Carjacking

As I sit here on the train writing this, I still can’t believe what I saw. It was still early; the sun wasn’t even up yet. I witnessed what appeared to be an attempted carjacking on my way to the … Continue reading

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Getting Arrested While Traveling Abroad

While watching an episode of the TV show, Locked Up Abroad, it dawned on me the hassles involved with getting arrested in a foreign country. I had never thought much about it before seeing this show. But after seeing some recent … Continue reading

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The Appeal to Prostitution

If you’ve ever wondered the force that keeps this old profession thriving, it’s all about the Benjamins. And the Jacksons. And the Grants.  These workers bring in millions. It’s a thriving business, even if it is illegal in most jurisdictions. … Continue reading

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