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Be Kind

Be Kind, by Will Saunders You never know how you can impact others. I saw this first-hand the other day on my flight back home from my time in Dallas. I was in my seat, watching an elderly man in … Continue reading

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Be a Blessing to Be Blessed, Part VI, by Will Saunders

Doing the right thing for the wrong reason … People sometimes frown upon doing a good deed for the wrong reason. Generally I agree, particularly if you relish some sort of personal gain for your kindness. But, I believe that … Continue reading

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Musings on August 30th

  You ever wake up feeling the bad case of the blahhs? That’s how I awoke up this morning. Nothing particularly wrong. While standing on the train, two stops away from my destination, a young gentleman passenger – maybe 30 … Continue reading

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Strangers are People Too

Being kind doesn’t cost a thing! It’s interesting how you can become attached to someone you don’t even know.  There’s a homeless fellow I see from time to time in the vicinity of 11th Street, E. Street, 12th Street, F. … Continue reading

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