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Phishing: Still A Huge Problem

It’s surprising to me that people still fall for the gimmick, when criminals send out mass emails requesting personal information and unsuspecting people freely give it.  Phishing is just a method to confuse and trick people into divulging information to … Continue reading

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Twitter Stock: Did You buy Any?

So, Twitter’s initial public offering was $26/share in November.  Today, as of this writing, it’s $57.82.  That’s pretty good if you bought some.  Like many other companies before it, Twitter might make some people rich, or poor.  It’s a gamble.  … Continue reading

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Wealthy Women

Often when someone publishes a list about the wealthiest people in America, the focus is usually on wealthy men. Not enough attention is given to the wealthy, millionaire (or billionaire) women.  It’s surprising to note the large number of wealthy … Continue reading

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