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Media Fast, AGAIN!

Today is the continuation of my social media fast that I started a day and a half ago. Well actually, it’s a fast from all media and not just social media. I tend to do this periodically during the year … Continue reading

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Social Media Fasting

Sometimes the news is very draining. Very. It’s so draining that I shield myself from news sources. I’ll typically do a quick search for weather so I’ll know how to dress and whether to take my umbrella – or I’ll … Continue reading

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Slideshow Rant

I seldom pick up a newspaper. In fact, it’s been years since I touched one. I prefer getting my news digitally. Online articles and journals are better for me, as I can read them more quickly, especially when I am … Continue reading

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News, News, and More News

News, News, and More News News is an essential part of society.  I tend to think that we have news overload, but it’s something that everyone craves. It drives us.  But I was thinking: what is more important, having news … Continue reading

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News Follow-Up

News Follow-Up I came upon some information to support a story I previously reported on regarding reliable news stories. I wrote another about the lack of journalistic integrity in media reporting. Now, I see another item corroborating my point of … Continue reading

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Wretched American News Media

  I am often reminded of the reasons why I dislike news media outlets. A current event provides me the perfect example. Two and a half months ago, when the government was looming, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding … Continue reading

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