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Dead Microwave

I went to use my microwave oven this morning and it died. It began making a bizarre sound, including a popping sound (similar to the sound made when you get or give a spanking or popping a belt just before … Continue reading

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What Is This, by Will Saunders

I order so much stuff so frequently, I sometimes forget what I have ordered. That picture isn’t really mine, but it’s not uncommon for me to come home at the end of a day and find a few packages sitting … Continue reading

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Shopping Fiends

Some people are weak when it comes to shopping. I am one of those people. Not as weak as I once was, but still. I’m very weak. I did some birthday shopping recently for myself. The big day is April … Continue reading

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Amazon Local???

Why didn’t anybody tell me about Amazon Local? Apparently it’s the world’s best kept secret, as I’m just learning of it — another option for finding things near you at great prices. Amazon Local is a marketplace of local, community … Continue reading

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Black Friday Part Two

I did some shopping today. In my previous post about Black Friday, I mentioned I wasn’t really feeling the shopping experience. So, it surprised me that I participated. All of it was last minute, unplanned shopping I did from the … Continue reading

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