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Blessing in Disguise

I’m fairly liberal when adding new people to my friends list on social media. I’m only slightly discriminating. Generally, I’ll let most people in with very little vetting. Sometimes, though, I’ll get a request from someone and have a bad … Continue reading

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Media Fast, AGAIN!

Today is the continuation of my social media fast that I started a day and a half ago. Well actually, it’s a fast from all media and not just social media. I tend to do this periodically during the year … Continue reading

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Social Media Fasting

Sometimes the news is very draining. Very. It’s so draining that I shield myself from news sources. I’ll typically do a quick search for weather so I’ll know how to dress and whether to take my umbrella – or I’ll … Continue reading

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Too Many ‘Likes’

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the relatively recent addition to LinkedIN that allows users to ‘LIKE’ the profile picture of others. LinkedIN describes itself as a network of individuals and professionals that make connections and share information, … Continue reading

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Catfish Catfish Catfish

Catfish Catfish Catfish Sometimes I’m a word nerd.  I enjoy reading about words and their origins. I also enjoy learning about new words that get adopted, which apparently happens fairly often. One such newly adopted word, as taken from Merriam-Webster, … Continue reading

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