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Is Mental Illness Hereditary?

I sometimes wonder to what extent mental illness is hereditary. Is there a gene that’s passed down through generations? I only think of this because of the struggles within the Hemingway family. I’ve been reading about the life of Ernest Hemingway … Continue reading

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Be a Blessing to Be Blessed, Part VI, by Will Saunders

Doing the right thing for the wrong reason … People sometimes frown upon doing a good deed for the wrong reason. Generally I agree, particularly if you relish some sort of personal gain for your kindness. But, I believe that … Continue reading

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Suicide is Final: You Get No Do-Overs

In 2001, a childhood friend committed suicide. I thought about Faedra today.  Even though I didn’t really keep in touch with her very much through the years, it was still just as disturbing and hurtful to me. You never know … Continue reading

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Show Some TLC

A hot topic these days is suicide.  It’s such a sad thing to know that people face challenges in their lives and they see no other possible solution.  Just a few days before the suicide death of Robin Williams, a co-worker of … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?

What’s Going On? The DC area transit system (also known as simply Metro or Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) seems to attract people who get hit by a train. On Tuesday of this week, a person was struck by a … Continue reading

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