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Weekend Musings

  Let me tell you what I observed yesterday. Well, it wasn’t as much what I observed but rather, what happened to me. Friday morning on the way to my office, I noticed the train was unusually empty. There were … Continue reading

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Ohhhh Facebook

Someone recently asked me about my processes when writing articles for this blog. I sometimes write things on the fly. Other times, I keep a running list of topics. I use the Notes feature in my iPhone for this (I’ll also write complete articles … Continue reading

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Did They Stop Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand?

Then why do you still try to feed them? Several years ago, I worked in the vicinity of Federal Center SW in DC. For my online friends who have known me the longest, that’s where I was when I met … Continue reading

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Get On With Your Life

Moving on from a failed relationship or friendship I’ve talked to a few people who have gone (and currently are going) through broken and bruised friendships and relationships. I’ve dealt with it myself. As I listen to the struggles of … Continue reading

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