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Electronic Shark Deterrent

I’m not much for beach swimming.  I seldom go in any further than my ankles. So, I have little risk of a shark attack. I’d have ample time to get out before a shark could get to me.  But those … Continue reading

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Heroin Sold Inside McDonald’s Happy Meals

Here’s another one of those that makes you scratch your head. A Pittsburgh-area McDonald’s employee was selling heroin to customers hidden inside Happy Meals. Shantia Dennis (pictured above) was arrested after someone informed authorities that an employee had been selling drugs.  … Continue reading

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Exercise While At Work

A lot of people who work in an office setting with desk jobs sometimes say they don’t get the chance to exercise. I can relate, because I sit behind a desk all day. So, I know it can be a … Continue reading

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Shannon Nyamodi: More Blind Justice in America

Sometimes, seemingly great things turn out to have aspects of them that aren’t so great. Nothing is truer of this than the United States of America. The freedoms and liberties people enjoy far exceed those of many other countries.  But … Continue reading

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A Tribute to First Ladies

I just came upon this C-Span series titles, First Ladies: Influence and Image.  If you find the lives and legacies of first ladies fascinating, then you should tune in to C-Span and check it out.  The synopsis describes the show … Continue reading

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In vitro fertilization and Paternity in Kansas

William Marotta   When I first heard of this case, I was very shocked.  This is a case in which a Kansas lesbian couple who wanted to become parents located a sperm donor by placing an ad on Craig’s list. … Continue reading

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A Lesson From My Father

Back in the 1980s, my dad had a paper route with the AJC to bring in some extra part-time dollars. I don’t think it was the AJC at that time. The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution were two separate Atlanta … Continue reading

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Mind Over Matter

The mind can be a wonderful thing, or a terrible thing, depending on how you use it. If you read a lot, you’ll see one article after another on the subject of a midlife crisis. Briefly to explain what it … Continue reading

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The Creepiest Food You Should Be Eating – NOT!

*** This post may be disturbing to some people.  Viewer discretion is advised! *** *** This post may be disturbing to some people.  Viewer discretion is advised! *** *** This post may be disturbing to some people.  Viewer discretion is … Continue reading

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WOW, Captain and Tennille Are Divorcing

I try not to devote much attention on my blog to pop culture and what’s going on in their personal lives. But sometimes a story catches my eye that is important to me. This is one of them. If you … Continue reading

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