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Originally posted on Cascadia Legends and Poetry:
Myn’wel Chapter 11 Myn’wel and the Madness   “Books are scrawled all along the floors of this home…’Myn’wel rambled, “The cookies are crunchy…Just like their spines..! The walls are caving in..! The voices…

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Update: Cyber Harassment & Online Abuse

Originally posted on I Am Going To Write:
In the last few days I’ve learned how many people actually fall victim to online abuse. Many who are left with wrecked nerves, trust issues, thoughts of suicide, etc. It’s quite sad.…

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The longer I live, I swear the more bizarre the stories that  I hear.  Did you all hear about this one? I just read about a man who sees a porcupine get hit by a car.  Knowing that a rare, … Continue reading

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When We Grow Up: We Don’t Have to Change At All

I stumbled upon this really cool, vintage video featuring Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack, produced by the Free to Be Foundation. Something is quite familiar about it.  I think I may have seen it as a child. It left me … Continue reading

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Happy Lent!

Happy Lent! Happy Lent! Happy Lent! Today being the first day of Lent (and goes till 4/17/2014), I wanted to share with you the Pope’s message during this Lenten season.  It has truly moved me.  This is a great time, a wonderful … Continue reading

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What It Means to Try

I was chatting with someone who has been struggling with her weight for many years.  She in her 40s and she says she was an obese child. On a side note: this is why we need to help our children … Continue reading

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Extreme Downsizing!

I have been reading one thing after another about people who downsize their homes…shedding their multi room, sometimes 2 or three story homes for a one room flat.  Extreme Downsizing here, to downsizing there.  There was one couple I read … Continue reading

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Being Liebster

The Liebster Award First off, I wish to send many heartfelt thanks to ShunP for nominating me. I am very appreciative. Writing has always been something I enjoyed doing.  Whenever I was a part of any team or group activity, … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me?

Yes, this is indeed another one in the record book under “Are You Kidding Me?” There is a lot of heat in the Dominican Republic (DR) for a law there that deprives benefits to any Dominican-born children of Haitian immigrants. … Continue reading

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Promise Zones: Repackaged New Deal?

Remember The New Deal from President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) in the mid to late 1930s? Probably most of you reading this weren’t around to personally remember it; I’m talking about you remembering it from history class. That was one … Continue reading

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