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Orange is the New Black: Emmy Worthy?

Orange is the New Black: Emmy Worthy? I’m not into awards shows.  I can’t remember the last time I watched one.  I’m always glad when my favorite shows or actors get nominated, and I’m especially happy if they win. I … Continue reading

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News, News, and More News

News, News, and More News News is an essential part of society.  I tend to think that we have news overload, but it’s something that everyone craves. It drives us.  But I was thinking: what is more important, having news … Continue reading

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News Follow-Up

News Follow-Up I came upon some information to support a story I previously reported on regarding reliable news stories. I wrote another about the lack of journalistic integrity in media reporting. Now, I see another item corroborating my point of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Cascadia Legends and Poetry:
Myn’wel Chapter 11 Myn’wel and the Madness   “Books are scrawled all along the floors of this home…’Myn’wel rambled, “The cookies are crunchy…Just like their spines..! The walls are caving in..! The voices…

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Who’s Responsibility Is It?

  Lots of things in life irk me, and tops on the list are people who create trouble for themselves and then complain about the trouble they are in, blaming someone else. You did this to yourself and yet you’re … Continue reading

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Catfish Catfish Catfish

Catfish Catfish Catfish Sometimes I’m a word nerd.  I enjoy reading about words and their origins. I also enjoy learning about new words that get adopted, which apparently happens fairly often. One such newly adopted word, as taken from Merriam-Webster, … Continue reading

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