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Montreal Online

I had to cancel my vacation to Montreal scheduled to begin July 16th. It’s one of several trips I have had to cancel since April due to COVID-19. Even though some travel has resumed worldwide, there are still some limitations. … Continue reading

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Funny Travel Woes

Some things are kind of funny – funny strange and not funny haha. With the state of the country right now, plane fares and hotel rates are crazy sweet. I did a few random searches, and prices look so good … Continue reading

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SF Chinatown

When I was in high school, I took French for two years. Prior to this, I took an exploratory language class, which included general instruction in French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. I sure could have used Chinese this past … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t A Big Deal

It doesn’t take much to make people uneasy, especially when they are on an airplane. Let me tell you what happened on my recent trip to San Francisco. On my Delta flight, as the plane nosed up to lift off … Continue reading

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The Golden Gate Bridge

When you read lists of wonders of the world, you’ll see several iconic things. The Golden Gate Bridge is not on the list. But, it sure ought to be. I visited the bridge on my vacation, and it’s breathtaking. It’s … Continue reading

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Adventure is Worthwhile

Adventure is indeed worthwhile. I didn’t come up with that statement all by myself. That’s a quote by Aesop, but it speaks deeply to my soul. Travel and adventure are among my top priorities. An associate of mine made a … Continue reading

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California Here I Come: My First 2020 Vacay

  “California here I come, right back where I started from.” Well, I didn’t really start there, but those are just words to that old song. I’m all excited about my upcoming trip to San Francisco. I cannot find the … Continue reading

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My Visit to Dallas, Texas

I spent all of last week in Dallas, Texas for work. It was my first time in Dallas, and I enjoyed myself immensely. I try to explore the neighborhood around hotels when I visit a new town. If I have … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Here I Come!

Costa Rica Here I Come Well, not just yet. I still have a couple more months before I go, but I’m getting antsy and giddy. Strange combination, huh? This is my first international trip in almost 15 years. I should … Continue reading

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Getting Arrested While Traveling Abroad

While watching an episode of the TV show, Locked Up Abroad, it dawned on me the hassles involved with getting arrested in a foreign country. I had never thought much about it before seeing this show. But after seeing some recent … Continue reading

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