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Maestra and the Cuban Literacy Campaign Last night, I screened a moving documentary, Maestra, a film about the 1961 Cuban literacy campaign. Cuba made ambitious, aggressive efforts in 1961 to eliminate illiteracy. I say ambitious because the goal was to … Continue reading

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In vitro fertilization and Paternity in Kansas

William Marotta   When I first heard of this case, I was very shocked.  This is a case in which a Kansas lesbian couple who wanted to become parents located a sperm donor by placing an ad on Craig’s list. … Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

Chris Kluwe Well, you know the rest of that story. As many companies – public and private …profit and non-profit alike – are creating more diverse workplaces, that trend seems to be slow to creep into sports organizations at the … Continue reading

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Madonna and “Love Conquers Hate” Campaign

          I was watching a news report that discussed the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) partnering with Madonna in its #LoveConquersHate campaign, a public awareness campaign to put an end to discrimination against the gay and lesbian … Continue reading

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