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Is that what you think?

Its funny when I listen to people espouse their viewpoints about various topics, especially those who hold onto their opinions so tightly and bashes those who disagree. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is politics, religion, education, or whatever the … Continue reading

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Honesty is the Best Policy!

Honesty is the Best Policy!   I was reading with great interest the story about Jameis Winston, the Florida State Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner who was cited for stealing an item from a Publix recently. Such stories about notable … Continue reading

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Money Changes Everything!

Some people say that money changes everything (yes, these also are the words to a Cyndi Lauper song).  But I disagree.  Money only magnifies what’s already there so you can see them more clearly.  Nothing is changed.  I’m speaking about … Continue reading

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