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Police Misconduct

There has been a lot of talk of late about police misconduct and police officers’ treatment of minorities in performing their duties. Obviously this is not anything new. But various incidents over the past couple of years have focused extra … Continue reading

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Taking Things for Granted

  Living in the Washington, DC area can really spoil you. There are always plenty of things to do that are free, all thanks to the Smithsonian.  Briefly, the Smithsonian is a collection of museums and research centers administered by … Continue reading

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Games with Friends

One of my favorite pastimes over the past several years has been these addictive games you play via your smartphone or tablet.  There are plenty,  however, I only play a small fraction of them. The ones in my collection are … Continue reading

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Changes at McDonald’s

I don’t eat a lot of fast food.  But when I do, I try to be mindful of selecting items that are low in empty, dense calories as well as foods low in saturated fats.  For years, McDonald’s had such … Continue reading

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Shame on you, Virginia!

  The Commonwealth of Virginia held a special election yesterday, looking to elect a new delegate for the seat held by Joseph D. Morrissey. The voters re-elected him. Morrissey allegedly had sexual relations with a minor and is presently in … Continue reading

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And the winner is . . .

I’m learning that I must be the only person on earth who isn’t interested in awards shows. From the Emmys to the Oscars to the Golden Globes or any of the other major half dozen or so entertainment awards out … Continue reading

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A Little Couth Goes A Long Way

I went to a department store yesterday to get a gift card for a nice couple that got married recently. I told the associate how much to add to it and he wanted to know who got married, as if … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

Today would have been my second wedding anniversary with my beloved Mack. Although we were acquainted with one another casually since 2005 or perhaps even earlier, our first date was September 21, 2006, and we instantly knew we were meant … Continue reading

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Unexpected Tragedy

No matter how young or how healthy you think you are, you could unexpectedly take your last breath. Accidental death or the consequences of an undiagnosed illness can hit you suddenly, wreaking havoc in everyone’s life. It’s so very important … Continue reading

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I Forgive You!

  Like others have been doing today, I am doing so as well: declaring a New Year’s Resolution. I’ve shared this with a few people already, but I made one single resolution. That is, to wholly forgive anyone who has … Continue reading

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