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It’s Your Choice

Sometimes, you can either be right or you can have peace. That’s the best advice I ever got from my paternal grandfather. As I go through life, I realize just how true this advice truly is. I was in the … Continue reading

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Done With Best Buy

I have been shopping online for years. I remember when I got hooked. There was a site, Amazon which was the first online store to catch my eye. I was among the first people to use the site. I was … Continue reading

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Is Mental Illness Hereditary?

I sometimes wonder to what extent mental illness is hereditary. Is there a gene that’s passed down through generations? I only think of this because of the struggles within the Hemingway family. I’ve been reading about the life of Ernest Hemingway … Continue reading

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The Way We Think

Sometimes, the biggest problems we face in life are the result of our thoughts. It’s easy for us to be too myopic, seeing things just one way, and that can affect us and those with whom we interact. I saw … Continue reading

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Dream, Dreams, and More Dreams

Dreams can be so fascinating. Some of my dreams are about people I personally know, whether friend, relative, or acquaintance. On occasion, I dream of some celebrity. Most of my dreams, though, are about people I don’t know. I often … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Death of Patrick Day

I have been reflecting with great sadness on the death of the boxer Patrick Day. Last Saturday, October 12, 2019, he lost a boxing match in the 10th round. It was a knockout, losing to Charles Conwell. Day endured brain … Continue reading

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Don’t Do It: Sexual Harassment ‘Aint Cute

 “It’s not consent if your victims are under the influence of drugs or alcohol — or you try to make them afraid to decline your advances due to the control they believe you have over them.” ~Author Unknown~ The sexual … Continue reading

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Trouble At 1025 F. Street, Northwest

I work in proximity of the H&M in Washington, DC on F. Street, Northwest. Several times a week, I observe a young person being carted off from the store by the police for shoplifting. I saw it again yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

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I Met A Monk

  This morning, I met a Monk. No, not the kind of monk who is a member of a religious community. But I met someone who reminded me of the character Monk from the TV show of the same name. … Continue reading

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Say What You Really Mean Up Front

I got a call this morning from a stakeholder in another agency about setting up a meeting with his team and mine. He offered to bring his team to my office. We work together often in collaboration on projects, but … Continue reading

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