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I See Rude People!

Most things don’t bother me. I’ve encountered an egregious act here and there; however  I’ll usually stew about it for a minute then I’m quickly over it. But, every now and then, some things really get under my skin. The top … Continue reading

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Another Missing Plane

I’ve been reading with great sadness the saga of the missing AirAsia jetliner that went missing over this past weekend.  AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 lost contact with mission control on Sunday. It surprises me that today’s technology isn’t any better … Continue reading

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Shooting to Kill?

I don’t want to lump all of these incidents together, for in spite of their similarities, they all are different. I’m addressing the media reports of all the police involved shootings, many of which involve unarmed suspects. The most recent … Continue reading

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Rising Out of a Dark Place

Have you ever seen people who face some of the most unbearable tragedies in life yet they always manage to keep a positive outlook, an ear-to-ear smile, and a seemingly endless supply of sunshine no matter how bad things appear to … Continue reading

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