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The Rise and Fall of Jared Fogle

  If you’re scum, then that’s what you are. Money, fame, and prestige won’t change that. This man’s story is very disturbing. The fact that he engaged in those illicit acts with children was bad enough. Now, there are recordings … Continue reading

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Getting Arrested While Traveling Abroad

While watching an episode of the TV show, Locked Up Abroad, it dawned on me the hassles involved with getting arrested in a foreign country. I had never thought much about it before seeing this show. But after seeing some recent … Continue reading

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People Are Still Dying

HIV is still kicking our ass – and by “our” I’m referring to all of us collectively.  The royal we, so to speak. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), based on last year’s data, there were 47,352 newly diagnosed … Continue reading

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