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The Litigators: My Review of John Grisham’s Book

I first read John Grisham’s, The Litigators, several years ago – perhaps around 2012 or so – shortly after it was published. It is my favorite of Grisham’s works. I immediately got into it as soon as I opened the … Continue reading

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Parental Abandonment

I have been reading and researching parents who abandon their kids. It happens quite frequently. We often see reports about absentee fathers. But mothers abandon families too, and that’s not talked about very much. Although fathers leave with far more … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

To begin with, this post may not be very orderly like most of my writings, and it could go off on a tangent. I’m just espousing some ideas that I was thinking about, so bear with me as it unfolds. … Continue reading

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Penny’s Has Failed Again

Penny’s Has Failed Again A recent experience with JC Penny made me come to two realizations. Number one, I need to be very leery about online reviews. Number two, I won’t shop at JC Penny again. I ordered something online. … Continue reading

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Lately I’ve been seeing a variety of events in my life that help me see where stand-up comics might get their material. Life has a way of speaking to us with humor, if we bother to look for it. So, … Continue reading

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My Visit to Dallas, Texas

I spent all of last week in Dallas, Texas for work. It was my first time in Dallas, and I enjoyed myself immensely. I try to explore the neighborhood around hotels when I visit a new town. If I have … Continue reading

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Taco Flavor Doritos

  Taco Flavor Doritos, by Will Saunders When I was a kid, this was a popular flavor for Doritos. It definitely was my favorite. This was before some of the many flavors that exist today. In fact, at the time, … Continue reading

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Be Kind

Be Kind, by Will Saunders You never know how you can impact others. I saw this first-hand the other day on my flight back home from my time in Dallas. I was in my seat, watching an elderly man in … Continue reading

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