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Gun Violence in America

  There are many examples of gun violence. It can include random street violence, violence associated with gangs, or armed robberies. A common type of violence we also see are mass shootings, many of which result in the deaths of … Continue reading

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They Don’t Want Gun Control

 There is often lots of attention given to this topic, especially immediately following a huge incident of gun violence. After each one, people scream about gun laws being too lenient – they scream for about 30 seconds – until the … Continue reading

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Shannon Nyamodi: More Blind Justice in America

Sometimes, seemingly great things turn out to have aspects of them that aren’t so great. Nothing is truer of this than the United States of America. The freedoms and liberties people enjoy far exceed those of many other countries.  But … Continue reading

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The Imposter

  Be sure to catch The Imposter, if you like exciting, thrilling, mysteries. The Imposter  is a highly-regarded, British-American co-produced, film about a young Texas boy who disappeared in 1994, and the person who resurfaced years later pretending to be the … Continue reading

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Nothing is Ever Coincidental

  On Wednesday of this week, Congress passed a budget that exceeded $1 trillion, funding the federal government through 2015. They even increased funds to many domestic programs, some of which by millions of dollars. The threat of another shutdown … Continue reading

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Is This An Immigration Precedent?

Sergio Garcia Do you know the name of Sergio Garcia? If you don’t know him now, you likely will be hearing lots about him in weeks and months to come.  He is the first undocumented person to be admitted to … Continue reading

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Madonna and “Love Conquers Hate” Campaign

          I was watching a news report that discussed the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) partnering with Madonna in its #LoveConquersHate campaign, a public awareness campaign to put an end to discrimination against the gay and lesbian … Continue reading

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Alfred Rosenberg and the Missing Diary

I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated by history, especially obscure things that the average person may not find so fascinating. The diary of a chief Nazi party leader and aide to Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, was put … Continue reading

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Wretched American News Media

  I am often reminded of the reasons why I dislike news media outlets. A current event provides me the perfect example. Two and a half months ago, when the government was looming, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding … Continue reading

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