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“It ‘aint over till it’s over.”  ~~Yogi Berra~~ Every day is a new day. No matter what you did yesterday, it doesn’t matter today. Whether you did everything precisely the way you planned to do it or perhaps you failed … Continue reading

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The Darkius Rising- part 13 (Traitor’s Will Die)

I’ve been enjoying this blog series. It’s a continuous set of episodes. You all check it out when you get time. If you like fantasy stuff, (it’s fiction writing) the this is for you.

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Black History Has Never Repeated Itself.

Originally posted on writers are always confessing:
(photo taken in 2015 America probably) “To be Black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage” – James Baldwin Our history, Black History, never had time to…

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Police Misconduct

I’m not going to spend any time here addressing excessive use of force. There’s enough attention given to that lately. I suppose in a split second decision, some officers get carried away and lose themselves in that situation. But in … Continue reading

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Purely Random!

You know what’s truly funny to me? It’s hilarious to see people who fuss and gripe and cuss their computer and beat their keyboard when the computer isn’t cooperating with them. I know it’s frustrating, but some people really seem … Continue reading

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Do You Forget to Eat?

 I was having a casual conversation with a coworker, idle chit-chat following an afternoon meeting. She mentioned that she was so busy all day that she forgot to eat lunch. I have heard other people say the same thing. Honestly, … Continue reading

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