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The longer I live, I swear the more bizarre the stories that  I hear.  Did you all hear about this one? I just read about a man who sees a porcupine get hit by a car.  Knowing that a rare, … Continue reading

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Cast Your Net and See What Happens!

Originally posted on Adapting2Change:
What a difference a day make or a week for that matters. I know you have heard these words somewhere, actually in a song if you have been around long enough. This is where I…

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When We Grow Up: We Don’t Have to Change At All

I stumbled upon this really cool, vintage video featuring Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack, produced by the Free to Be Foundation. Something is quite familiar about it.  I think I may have seen it as a child. It left me … Continue reading

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: I just don’t get it.

There are lots of things I will never understand.  One of them is why people choose to stay with a spouse/mate that physically abuses and psychologically berates them.  It’s obviously a problem that is not new; it’s been going on … Continue reading

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Kenneth Harrison: A Change is Gonna Come

If you’re an American Idol fan, or even if you’re not a fan, this post is to introduce you to an amazing contestant.  If you missed him, you have definitely missed a treat.  Kenny was one of the final 28 … Continue reading

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Rewind

So, I wrote the other day (well it was yesterday) about this missing Malaysia Airline, flight #370.  I’m still baffled how a huge plane, a Boeing 777, could vanish into thin air with no trace of it. With the radars and … Continue reading

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Money Changes Everything!

Some people say that money changes everything (yes, these also are the words to a Cyndi Lauper song).  But I disagree.  Money only magnifies what’s already there so you can see them more clearly.  Nothing is changed.  I’m speaking about … Continue reading

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21st Century World’s View

These times in which we live sure have changed.  There was an explosion in a Harlem neighborhood in mid March. Some of the nearby residents immediately thought that it might be some sort of terrorist attack?  Really?  Even before any … Continue reading

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Happy Lent!

Happy Lent! Happy Lent! Happy Lent! Today being the first day of Lent (and goes till 4/17/2014), I wanted to share with you the Pope’s message during this Lenten season.  It has truly moved me.  This is a great time, a wonderful … Continue reading

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