If you see something, say something

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That phrase has been around a long time. I’ve seen it on billboards, in tv ads, in magazines, on the radio, and in pubic announcements heard on public transit, in airports, and on Amtrak. I saw it on the front of a man’s tee shirt last summer. But what happens when you do say something?

I put it to the test when I saw an account on Instagram selling weapons, ammunition, and magazines. Some of the magazines were the extended type that exceeds the capacity that is  legally allowed in some places. The account’s dashboard boasts of quick shipment and assures discretion. I clicked the three dots on the profile to report the account to Instagram, choosing ‘Sale of Illegal or Regulated Goods’ as the reason. I selected Firearms from the listed items. Other regulated goods in the list include Fake health documents; Drugs; and Endangered animals. I reported that account and felt good about what I had done.

I sometimes wonder if many people take the time to report things. I’ve read that when people witness an accident, it’s a high percentage who don’t call 911. One of the many reasons why some people don’t report things is because they presumed someone else had already done it. Others don’t call because of their fear of law enforcement. Another reason is they don’t think the report will be taken seriously. That happened with a survivor of the serial killer Ted Bundy. A young woman in Florida, Kathy Kleiner Rubin, was fortunate enough to escape Bundy’s attack at her Florida State University sorority house. When she reported what happened, one of the officers was initially skeptical of her story; but he eventually was convinced she was authentic. Imagine how that must further destroy a victim if law enforcement doesn’t believe the report.

Anyhow, back to the story at hand. A few days after I reported that Instagram account, I received a reply, which read like an automated reply. To paraphrase, it basically said they receive a large volume of reports and that they don’t have enough personnel to review each one. So, that account I reported won’t be reviewed and won’t be taken down. The message also said the number of reports received about an account won’t impact their ability to review accounts. It went on to tell me how I can block the account so I won’t see it if I choose to do so.

This raises a question for me: if someone who isn’t legally allowed to purchase or own a weapon buys one via this shady process on Instagram, is there any legal liability on the part of Instagram? Of course, there is. After all, Instagram knew about it, or should have known about it had it reviewed the account. It made me feel as if it’s a waste of my time and energy to make a report.

Fast forward a few weeks, I happened upon an ATF website for reporting illegal actions involving firearms, explosives, violent crime, or arson. Selling firearms on Instagram is exactly the perfect thing to report via this site. I never knew about this reporting vehicle. They don’t do a good job of advertising it. They should take a lesson from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, a.k.a. IC3, for reporting victimization of internet-based crimes. I see that advertised multiple times per week online and offline. ATF needs to do better at advertising its site. Nonetheless, I found ATFs site and made my report, providing details about that account.

Did I do enough? Should I have done more? Is there something else I need to do? I don’t think I should be expected to do anything else. I suspect I did more than many people would have done. I’ll watch and wait to see if any action is taken. Who knows? Maybe it’s a bait account managed by the ATF or other federal, state or local law enforcement agency seeking to catch criminals. Regardless, I did my part, so I can sleep at night. Life goes on.

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Don’t Waste My Time

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One thing that some companies do that wastes everybody’s time is post job vacancies without specifying the salary. Even a salary range would help, but most companies don’t even do that. Often, they post something about salary being commensurate with experience. But it’s not often that anything more specific than that is included. Even when they post the job through a recruiter, salary is kept hidden. That’s weird to me. Some people go ahead and apply anyway, not knowing the available salary, thinking they can negotiate a desirable salary once the job is offered. An associate of mine whom I’ll call Jasper did just that recently with an accounting firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jasper saw a job posting on a popular Internet site commonly used for job postings. He thought the desired competencies described his background perfectly. He possessed the adequate education and experience, he completed a certification program in accounting from Cornell University, and has more than the number of years requested in the job vacancy. Jasper thought, “This job was posted just for me.” Even the ‘Preferred but Not Required’ section of the job asked for competencies that Jasper possessed, especially work experience in each of these different work settings (e.g., experience in public, private, for profit and non-profit); that job was calling Jasper’s name. Jasper had worked in organizations big and small in all of those areas. So he applied.

After several weeks had passed, Jasper was called for an interview via Microsoft Teams. He took time to prepare by reviewing the vacancy announcement and crafting examples of his background that addressed each of the competencies noted in the announcement. He killed it. After another couple of weeks went by, Jasper was scheduled for a second interview. Again, he shined brightly. Guess what? They offered him the job. Jasper was ecstatic. But when it came down to discussing salary, the company offered him approximately $10k less than what he was willing to accept. His salary was $79k, and he felt he was already being under paid. Others with comparable background and experience are pulling in $90k.

After the HR manager waffled for a while, the offer was upped to $81k. That still was not satisfactory to Jasper. During the salary discussion, he highlighted some of what he discussed during the interview, including his degree, the various experiences, meeting all of the required as well as the preferred competencies, and the updated certification that he received within the last year. The company went up again, to $81.5k. The HR manager said matter-of-factly that it would be the final offer. Jasper realized it was a stale mate. From the company’s perspective, it was checkmate. So, Jasper eventually declined the offer.

I understand why companies don’t want to include a specific dollar amount. They don’t want to overpay someone. But if a salary range had been included, Jasper wouldn’t have bothered applying. HR departments are overworked. Listing a salary might prevent a percentage of people from applying. That would free up the time of the HR specialists who would be reviewing the applications.

Jasper’s time was wasted, as well as the time of the interviewers — both sets of interviewers, as there were different people each time. As someone who frequently sits on interview panels, it’s a time consuming process. Furthermore, it can throw a wrench into the application process; when someone declines and you go to the 2nd or 3rd person on the list when the first person has declined, the other people sometimes are no longer available.

I have been that person they have gone to when the primary person declined, and I turned the job down. That happens a lot. People either found a better opportunity or they find out something about the position or about the work environment that made them change their mind about working there. The latter is what happened to me when I declined.

As clunky as it is with government job application processes, the good thing is you almost always know the salary or salary range. Once the offer is made, you can negotiate your specific salary within that range. Private industry should consider including a range too. A few private industry employers include a range, but it’s rare, from my anecdotal observation. Including it  prevents the company from over committing with an excessive salary and applicants will apply knowing that the salary they’ll get is acceptable. Posting the salary is win-win for the company and for the applicant. Like Usher said, Don’t waste my time.



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Healthy Hump Day: Part Five

Today is the beginning of a new detox diet. Generally when I detox, I like to follow the JJ Smith 10-day green smoothie cleanse. It’s amazing. Go read about it here, if you like. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly, effective.

This time around, in between my smoothies – rather than smoothies for all of my meals – I’m having salads. Regular salads, kale salads, bean salads, rice and corn salads, and whatever else I can think of. Salads are so wonderful. When it comes to salads, you’re only limited by your imagination. A bean salad sitting on top of a traditional green salad is wonderful too, or you can have each one by itself.

The thing I like most about a salad is it’s a high fiber meal that is also low in fat and calories. . . provided you don’t drown it in creamy, oily, and high sodium dressings. You can make your own dressing in a few minutes and store it in the fridge for several days.

1 Net Carb Tortilla 24-Count Bag

If you want to really switch it up, wrap your salad inside a tortillas. That’ll help stretch your salad for an extra day or two. I prefer the Mr. Tortilla as my go-to brand. They are only 15 calories for each one, and they are low in carbs, sodium, fats, and cholesterol. You can eat that as-is, or top it with some salsa or taco sauce.

This time around, I’m just eating the salad. Salad is my friend, and I enjoy it in a variety of ways. It’s a refreshing way to enjoy a meal. In case you don’t know, you can eat a salad for breakfast too. Don’t get stuck thinking of meals in a stereotypical way. Be open to eating a kale salad for breakfast just like you might eat for lunch or dinner. Let a salad be your friend too just like I do. You’ll thank me later.


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The Little Gray Fox, Again

I’m going to have to invest in some pepper spray. This morning I walked outside and saw a wild fox walking around. It’s the third time since February that I’ve seen one near my house. I wrote about it before in an article titled, The Little Gray Fox.  I was in my car the last two times. Fortunately, the one this morning ran off when it saw me.

Back in April, a fox on the Capitol grounds attacked several people, including California Congressman Ami Bera, biting his leg. That fox was captured and determined to be rabid and was humanely extinguished. As more contractors are clearing out woods and developing land for homes and businesses, animals are being displaced.

There are instances of coyotes in the area too. Experts say coyotes pose little threat to humans. Whatever. That’s like people who tell you their dog won’t bite. Like my daddy always said, if a dog has teeth, it can bite you. lol   The same is true for a coyote.  A cannister of pepper spray is good protection, not just for animals but for people too. I had one several years ago that was compact and attached to my key ring. That gives you easy access to it.

The law is fickle, though. In DC, anybody at any age can legally buy or possess pepper spray. DC used to require you to register pepper spray. Now, the law only restricts the type you can use, re: its contents. In Maryland and Virginia, minors are prohibited from buying or possessing it. What’s to stop kids from crossing into DC to buy it? That makes me think back to when I was 19 years old.  The laws were inconsistent about buying alcohol too. You had to be 21 to buy liquor in each of the three jurisdictions. But at that time, an 18-year-old could legally buy beer and wine in Maryland. So, there were instances of kids coming into Maryland to get their drink on. At some point years after that, there was a national standard of 21 in all jurisdictions nationwide to buy alcohol, after Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. It required states – indirectly – to incorporate this standard for alcohol sales on condition of continued receipt of state highway funds. Having consistent laws nationwide makes it better for everybody.

That’s why it can cause confusion about pepper spray laws and age limitations. They are different. Here’s something else that is different. In many places, persons can have unfettered possession of pepper spray. In Maryland, users may be required to demonstrate they have a bona fide need as a “reasonable precaution against an anticipated threat to their safety.” In most of the jurisdictions around where I live, I don’t think it would be a problem proving that. Violent crime has been on the rise lately. That alone is reason enough to carry pepper spray. It also works on animals.


(c) Stock Photo 2022

While watching a training video on proper use of pepper spray on animals, as expected, I saw a wild wolf become very agitated. Even a wolf that’s relaxed and docile is huge and looks very menacing. An angry wolf is a force to be reckoned with. So, make sure if you ever use some on animals prowling around you, get the heck away while they are disabled. The discomfort won’t last for long, and they will be meaner than a junk yard dog when it wears off, to borrow from the lyrics of the song, Bad, bad, Leroy Brown. Like I often do, let me share that song here. I promise, I don’t plan on that happening. The focus of the message always randomly leads to certain songs. Truly. The song isn’t really relevant to this post. Its a cool song, and I just happen to like it.

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The Woman King: My Review

The Woman King

(c) Sony Pictures Entertainment 2022

I went to see The Woman King this past Saturday. It was the first time I had gone to the theater in a long time. I’m glad that I went. Here are my two cents about the film. There are a couple of spoilers in this write-up, so stop reading here if you don’t want to read them.

Nanisca, the name of the woman king’s character in the movie, was the leader of the Agojie warriors. The movie was superbly done. The filmmakers did a nice job intermingling historical facts with creativity and poetic license, resulting in a fabulous work of art. The costumes, the acting, and the interaction among the characters added great value to the film. One thing that always helps draw me into a movie is the music, and this one didn’t disappoint. I went home Saturday evening and downloaded it via Apple Music. The soundtrack, produced by the talented Terrence Blanchard, is 1 hour and 23 minutes of great sounds. The music was the perfect accompaniment to the movie. The writers also did a nice job of including touches of humor throughout this dramatic film. Very well done.

I was sorry to see the character Igozie killed during a battle near the end. She was a huge staple in the plot and an important member of Nanisca’s tribe. It was a surprise to learn that one of the warriors, Nawi, was the woman king’s daughter that she had given given up many years earlier. That was a moving reunion and was shocking to Nanisca, to Nawi, and to viewers as well.

Additionally, the movie provided an element of education for me too. While I was somewhat familiar with the story of the women warriors, I never realized their connection to the slave trade. After seeing that addressed in the movie, it inspired me to do further research on this topic. Hooray for Hollywood for being more than just entertainment. Hollywood can teach too.

At the end, the audience gave a round of applause. I always found that odd, for applause is meant to show the performers how much you appreciate them. But with a movie, they aren’t there to see or hear it. But, whatever. It was a wonderful film. I recommend it fully and wholly. Go see it.



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Be Kind On Purpose, Be Kind With A Purpose

BE KIND - Inspirational & Motivational Video - YouTube

If you are like me, you may like doing nice things for others. It’s also sweet to receive nice things too. Some people will tell you it’s better to give than to receive. I say, on the other hand, both giving and receiving are equally as wonderful. When you give, though, make sure the recipient would view your actions as helpful. This email I received from Amazon moving up my delivery date made me think about this. This present instance is fine. I’m okay with it arriving early.  I’ve had at least one occasion in the past in which a company changed the delivery date, and it wasn’t good for me.

Once I placed an order with a vendor. I think it was Under Armour, but don’t quote me. I selected the delivery window that was the furthest out. I was planning out-of-town trip, and I didn’t want the package sitting on my welcome mat for three days while I was gone. That can attract not only thieves who might steal the package, but it also might signal to burglars that nobody is home. I chose the day after I was to return home as my delivery date. Even though the date I picked had a shipping cost that was the least expensive, money wasn’t my motivation for this shipment.

Later that night after I placed my order, I received an email with “Good News” in the subject line. When I opened the message, I realized the company was advising me my package would be delivered three days early, and I wouldn’t be charged any extra shipping costs. That would be really good news, if I weren’t going to be away. That wasn’t good news to me. The thing I wanted to prevent was getting ready to happen anyway; the package would be delivered while I was away. The company thought they were being helpful to me, but it wasn’t helpful to me at all. I contacted UPS and flagged it to be held for pick up. I swung by and grabbed my package when I got back in town.

People do that in their interactions with one another; it’s not something limited to businesses. Some people may do this or that for someone, thinking what they are doing will be well-received. Few people ask if it would be helpful. They unilaterally decide what they will do without consulting you. If that company had asked me, I would have told them to leave the delivery date I chose as-is.

Keep that in mind if you decide you’re going to help someone. It’s not about you. It’s about the person you’re helping.

The song, Just Be Good to Me comes to mind. Get into it:

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Be A Blessing to Be Blessed: Part 14

The “Stop on a dime.” idiom has lots of utility for this article, more so than Part 13. As much as we live our lives and try not to allow other people to rock our boat, there’s always a rotten apple in the bag. People like to say how one monkey won’t stop a show (see video at the end). That’s not always true.

I was on the train headed home after work yesterday and saw two young women talking and laughing and enjoying life. An odd little man standing nearby, not doing anything in particular, except talking to himself. That he was talking to himself isn’t what makes me call him odd. I talk to myself sometimes. Many people I know do. It’s a common thing. Self-talk is helpful for people to sort out problems or potential conflicts they expect to face. I don’t know what made me say he was odd. Maybe it was the way his eyes darted all over the place, like when the optometrist tells you to follow her finger with your eyes as she moves it up and down and left and right and in a circle. This man was doing that while standing there. He wasn’t particularly obvious. I was probably the only person who even noticed. Had I been playing games on my phone like I usually do during my commute, I wouldn’t have noticed. Nosy me. The two women didn’t notice him, as they continued to laugh and talk. They were having a good time.

Then suddenly that man screamed at them, asking why they were laughing at him. He called them some foul words and left the train. You can easily tell those women were shocked, scared, and weren’t in the same jovial mood they were in just seconds earlier. I gave them some comforting words, and told them to try not to be spooked by that man. Obviously they weren’t laughing at him. But his self-consciousness made him think that they were. The women’s mood tanked instantly, on a dime. My words of comfort didn’t instantly put them back in the good place where they were. I don’t think it would for anyone. I know for myself, I would have felt out of kilter for a while, probably for the remainder of the day.

The women thanked me for trying to comfort them. I don’t think I did a very good job of it. But I think they thanked me for the effort I made, successful or not. That’s what I mean when I say, “Never miss an opportunity to be someone’s blessing.”  Even when your attempts to be good should fail, the journey towards that goal should be recognized. That was my trying to be a blessing to them to ease their tension and obvious anxiety that man had caused them. We exited at the same station, and they asked me to walk them to their car. They were still a little unsettled by the ordeal. 

 We parted ways, and they thanked me again. I could have said nothing and pretended I was oblivious to what happened, like all the other nearby passengers did. They all looked away, acting as if they didn’t see it play out. But I thought about my mom or my sister and would hope someone would have been there for them under these circumstances. A little kindness goes a long way. It’s so easy to do. Be a blessing to be blessed.

That phrase, ‘One monkey don’t stop no show.” reminds me of that old song (well there were several artists who recorded it, different songs with the same title), from Bette Midler to The Goodie Mob. But the one I like best was recorded by Honey Cone. None of the lyrics pertain to this article. I just like it.

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Healthy Hump Day: Part Four

Wimpy always cleans his plate. (Image is in the public domain)

Today is Healthy Hump Day. Let me start by saying how hard it is to remain consistent with health, fitness, and nutrition goals. I have written about that before in articles titled Healthy Hump Day: Part One, Healthy Hump Day: Part Two, Healthy Hump Day: Part Three, and some others. I’m super aware how hard it is to stay focused. I’ll be the first to say that, even though I try to remain on track most of the time. That is true with my diet as well as exercise.

Baby steps. That’s how I keep it together. I track meals and do my meal prep. In addition, if I can’t get in my workout for a full hour, I do what I can, when and where I can. I might do a short 20 minutes of cardio 2-3 times during the day or 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening or whenever I can do it during the day. Even a short brisk walk can do wonders. People do that at work. Several floors in the building make a complete circle, well it’s actually a square. One cycle around is a half mile. I also walk up and down the stairs during the day too. I also have a stand-up desk. I stand up multiple times during the day and stretch and do arm scissors and arm circles. It’s not all or nothing with me. I won’t forgo it altogether if I cannot do a complete workout. If I can only get in 30 minutes for the whole day, then I’ll do it.

One of the best things I do is recognize that it’s alright to snack. I’m not even talking about healthy snacking. For me, if I am too strict about eliminating my favorite snack foods, I crave them even more, sometimes causing me to over indulge. One of my favorite snacks is Kettle Chips. I’m not talking about knock offs, that call themselves Kettle Cooked Chips, such as is offered by brands such as Cape Cod, Lay’s, and Herr’s. There are other brands too. Those all are alright, I suppose. But I will always prefer the real, bona fide, Kettle Brand Chips. I especially prefer the regular, Sea Salt flavored variety. There’s no comparison, It has a fabulous flavor, amazing crispness, and the perfect amount of saltiness. It’s vegan too. If you stray away from the regular chip, some of the other flavors aren’t so vegan. There is more to vegan eating than only having a salad. The Ranch flavor contains cream, and the New York Cheddar flavor contains milk, cream, and of course, cheese. The Sea Salt only contains potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt, sea salt. So, I don’t feel guilty about snacking on that one. Besides, the Kettle Company describes itself on its website as being a little extra (which means over the top, excessive). I identify with the extra label for my own life; I’m very extra, so I don’t mind patronizing a product that’s billed as such.

Here’s another thing about snacking. If you enjoy, say Fig Newtons, I recommend not going for the low fat or light ones. I find that those aren’t as fulfilling, and you might end up eating more than you should. Get the regular ones, and just be mindful of portion sizes. That will be more satisfying.

So, I have strayed too far from my initial point, beyond talking about it being okay to snack. The point is to address the healthy side of snacking. I always portion out my snacks, such as chips. When I bring them home (or should I say when I have them delivered, since I don’t go to brick and mortar supermarkets any more, not in the last two years), I separate out a portion into little baggies. That helps me to always know how much I am eating. When you eat things like chips, it’s very easy to eat too much and before you realize it, the whole bag is gone. Another important tip I follow is, I don’t eat what the packaging indicates is a single serving. A single serving is about 13 chips. When I separate out my servings, I count out 10. That saves me about 40 calories. That may not seem like much to you, but over the span of a day, it adds up. I often eat less than a specified serving.

You have to find the niche that works for you. That’s how I get my groove on with my dietary goals. Like I said in the beginning, it isn’t easy. So, every little trick I can think of, that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s working, so I won’t fight it. Speaking of getting in “yo” groove, take time to vibe to this Prince joint.

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More Scam! or is it More Spam?

How To Tell If Someone Is Scamming You Online | HP® Tech Takes

(c) HP.COM

Once in a while, I look in my spam folder, because my email handler will send legitimate messages there, messages that should not have been labeled as spam. One day, I’ll tell you about an important, non-scam message that was mistakenly sent to my spam folder. I got jammed up I didn’t see it until the sender admonished me to look for the message.

Anyhow, over the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with notices and announcements about potential exposure to known carcinogens at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina The ads urge people to sign up for the class action and join the lawsuits. I’ve seen many television ads, heard radio ads, and seen ads on social media. When I looked in my spam folder, I saw several emails in there as well, and all of those emails were very spammy-looking. I mean, you can tell right off by looking at the FROM email address. Anything from a random string of alphanumeric symbols, like 6473915@lckyzd37-zoqloq.com, is from a bogus source. They all had an address like the one I posted. Furthermore, the email client for most of the emails included a banner message indicating the links may not be safe. That means they either have some type of malicious executable file embedded within it or the link will open to a page designed to elicit your personal information.

The scammers are always at the ready. Anybody impacted by the possible exposure to those Camp Lejeune might be mad, scared, emotionally vulnerable, and with a weakened resolve. It’s very likely that many people would fall for a scam without even realizing it is fraudulent. The scammers are very predatory. They show up in all sorts of venues and circumstances. They show up perpetrating scams in class action suits, investment scams, romance scams, mail order scams, and a host of other types of scams.

Before I go, listen. This makes me think of that old song from Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, We Need Some Money.  As the lyrics go, “I’m gonna lay it right on the line, A dollar bill is a friend of mine, We need money!, Talkin’ about money, y’all!”

Those scammers don’t care how they get it. They just want your money. You be careful out there.

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Still Waiting On A Deliverance Reboot

With all the movie reboots and remakes we’ve had through the years, I’d love for someone to redo Deliverance. Let me just state for the record that I’m one who is seldom supportive of remakes. I’ll say most remakes suck. There are two I’ll single out as great, though. The first remake of Native Son, from 1983, was much better than the original from 1951. I never saw the second remake from 2019. It’s on my list to see. The other remake I like far better than the original is The Lady Vanishes, which also was remade twice. It was originally filmed in 1938 and remade in 1979 and 2013. Like Native Son, I saw the first two and not the third. the first remake was superior to the original. It’s not often that I say that, though.

Of the remakes I have seen, few are noteworthy, in my opinion. But when you consider how great of a movie Deliverance was, I can’t see how anyone can screw up a remake. Given the popularity of the film, I believe it would be well received as a remake. The plot twists and the many themes addressed therein were thrilling, some of which were rather taboo for the times. By today’s standards, those things would be viewed as being mild. To borrow the words from the famed movie critic Roger Ebert, “The scenes of violence and rape also work, it must be admitted, although in a disgusting way. The appeal to latent sadism is so crudely made that the audience is embarrassed.” I can recall mixed reactions from people I know who saw it. But overall, it got top ratings.

I was 10 years old when I saw it, a couple of years after it’s production. I know what you’re thinking, that I was probably too young to be watching it. Hell, I saw Lady Sings the Blues, too during that same time period. I was an old soul, and my parents were rather flexible when it came to movies. If Deliverance wasn’t too abrasive for the kids in the movie, then why should it be bad for a kid to watch it?

I wasn’t drawn to Deliverance for the salaciousness and sadistic themes that might attract your average young,  pre-teen. I was drawn to it for the theme song, ‘Dueling Banjos’ which plays in the beginning and sporadically throughout the film. I’m a music lover of most genres (see the movie clip of Dueling Banjos down below). So, the tune’s catchy sounds are inebriating to me. The song wasn’t recorded solely for the movie. In fact, it was recorded about 18 years earlier and was featured on several TV shows and movies. But Deliverance awakened it. I’m sure the writers and performers made a lot of money thanks to Deliverance. As an aside, I think most TV shows and movies are successful because of the theme song. When I think of some of my own favorites, they all have a great musical score. But, I digress.

Deliverance received a number of Academy Award nominations, in categories such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. It also received nominations in several Golden Globe categories too. Then Governor Jimmy Carter was so pleased with the film that he established a Georgia film commission, created to encourage television and movie production companies to film there. We have Governor Carter (and Deliverance) to thank for the large number of shows filmed in Georgia.

Maybe one day one of Hollywood’s brilliant writers and producers will remake Deliverance. Until then, I’ll be content with enjoying the greatness of the original. Here’s the theme song for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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