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Protecting Data

It’s no question that the lost of data can be just as costly for a company as losing merchandise. I’m not even talking about the damage that hackers cause. I’ll bypass that for the moment. I’m talking about carelessness: company … Continue reading

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Perfected Oppression

Originally posted on writers are always confessing:
The thing about oppression is this: when you hold someone down, you, too, have to be there to make sure they don’t move. Here’s the twist: a few years ago, my fraternity brother…

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Journalism Trickery

Oftentimes, I criticize the media for its outlandish reporting of current events. I saw a report just a moment ago worthy of more criticism. I don’t typically update my blog in such a reactionary manner, but I decided to stop … Continue reading

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Baby Talk

I sometimes wonder what feeds into the decision to become a parent? I know that in some cases, the pregnancy is unexpected, but they still go through with the birthing, thinking the bundle of joy will be a pleasurable addition … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Late

I attended a training/workshop at work this morning. It was a three-hour session that was quite lively and interactive. I learned a lot and feel I benefited greatly from it. So, the training was due to start at 9:00. About … Continue reading

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They Really Hate the President

If there were ever evidence of the disdain some people have for President Obama, here it is. Apparently some GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Iran warning them that any agreement of an arms deal could be rescinded once President … Continue reading

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Lets Go Spinning

If you’ve ever thought of taking a spinning class, I recommend it. I took one about four years ago at my gym two days a week, and I loved the results I saw. I quickly burned fat, lost my belly, … Continue reading

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Are You A Salt Addict?

The other day, I was reading a health report suggesting we limit our intake of salt to no more than one teaspoon per day. When you hear it, it doesn’t actually sound like very much. After all, a teaspoon doesn’t … Continue reading

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Better Train Etiquette

Why can’t people figure out how to quickly get on and get off a subway train? I’ve missed more trains because people drag their feet. I stand there watching people who are on the train slowly move toward the door, … Continue reading

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