Wretched American News Media

News Media


I am often reminded of the reasons why I dislike news media outlets. A current event provides me the perfect example. Two and a half months ago, when the government was looming, there was a lot of hoopla surrounding the partisan politics that led to the failed negotiations. There were headlines after headlines after headlines about it.  It seems we couldn’t see enough about it.  The democrats blamed the republicans who in turn blamed the democrats, and the media loved highlighting it and analyzing – detailing all the families that would be impacted by it.  All of the commentators pointed out the debacle, with warnings that America could be in the same boat come the first of January if they don’t get their act together.

Fast forward to today, both sides are playing nicely and have reached an agreement, which President Obama is delighted too sign. Of course this news isn’t as sexy as shutting down the government, and media outlets aren’t playing it up very much, giving it far less attention than the news of a shutdown. I’m not surprised, and I’m sure few other people are as well.

The House and Senate Appropriations committees have drafted a more than to draft a trillion-dollar spending bill for the fiscal 2014 year that began on October 1st.  This is the kind of news that I think needs to be seen and heard, but if you weren’t really paying attention, you might have missed it.  News is often lopsided – they bash the Congress when they behave badly but when they cooperate and get along with one another like ladies and gentlemen, behaving in a civilized way, the media barely mentions it. American news media needs to do better.

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